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Useful Tips Worth Knowing

    Mt. Fuji PhotoMt. Fuji is loved and spiritually relied on by all. We wish to ensure that people worldwide as well as future generations of children become familiar with its eternally beautiful figure.

What to wear and bring

    • styleDue to strong direct sunlight and significant variations in temperature, you are advised to bring a sun hat, long-sleeved shirt, winter sweater, etc. with you.
    • The ground is treacherous with rocks and rubble. Please wear suitable climbing shoes that are easy to walk in and that you are used to wearing.
    • When it is very rainy and windy, the rain blows up from beneath. Rainwear separates, including jacket and pants, are advisable.
    • Please make sure to bring a flashlight for night climbing. Don't forget to check the battery before your departure.
    • Bring a flask of drinking water, allowing around one liter per person.

Rules and manners

    • In order to commune with Mt. Fuji and share it with others, you are requested to adhere to the rules and manners as a minimum.
    • The animals and plants of Mt. Fuji are our precious property.
      • Please pay adequate attention when coming across any creatures.
      • Picking certain kinds of plant in the area is illegal and you will be subject to punishment.
    • Please be sure to take your trash back home with you, such as empty candy packages, food containers, and empty cans.
    • On Mt. Fuji, the use of tissue papers insoluble in water is forbidden. Please always use toilet paper (soluble tissue paper is allowed).


    • stylePlease be very careful of altitude sickness. (The atmospheric pressure at Mt. Fuji is about two thirds that of normal surface ground.)
    • If you hear thunder or sense any abrupt change in weather, promptly enter a shelter at any nearby mountain lodge.
    • When dense fog rises, stay where you are and only start moving again when the fog clears up.
    • To avoid possible falling rocks, never walk outside the climbing routes or kick or throw any stones or trash.

    {Source: The Nature and Blessings of Mt. Fuji (Shizuoka Prefecture)}