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Fujisan Network
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Establishment Aims


    Mt. Fuji, with all its dignity and grandeur, has been admired since ancient times and is regarded as the spiritual home of Japan. It also provides us with many blessings, including magnificent landscapes and an abundance of groundwater. We must make every effort to ensure these blessings are available not just to us but also to future generations.
    In November of 1998, in the interest of creating a society friendly to both nature and humans, Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures set up the "Mt. Fuji Charter" as the starting point of a nationwide movement. The charter was created to protect and nourish Mt. Fuji's bountiful natural environment and beautiful scenery and to preserve its blessings for future generations.
    The Fujisan Network was established to increase awareness of the charter and help it take root. It promotes comprehensive environmental protection for Mt. Fuji by uniting large numbers of people who love the mountain at the prefectural, corporate, and national level.
    The Fujisan Network, through various independent activities that make use of members' fields of expertise, connects the knowledge and aims of the Mt. Fuji Charter to concrete action. And through mutual communication and partnership between all members, it works to expand the range of its activities. Its goal is to assure that future generations can enjoy Mt. Fuji _ as a national treasure and a worldwide symbol of Japan.

Basic concept

    1. A membership network organization compsed of groups, nature conservation groups, NPOs, corporations, mass media and governments who work to protect Mt. Fuji's environment.
    2. This organization does not charge a membership fee and encourages member independence.
    3. Through various independent activities that make use of members' fields of expertise, the network works to raise awareness of the charter and to realize its charter, as well as expanding the range of its activities.
    4. To develop network partnership by promoting mutual communication and interaction between members.
    5. Expected member projects

      [Nature conservation groups]: * Planting activities for forest recovery. * Beautification activities such as mass cleaning. * Nature observation activities.

      [Corporations]: * Calling for employee participation in environmental conservation activities, as well as human and material support such as funding. * Environmental conservation research such as toilet improvement and hydrolytic toilet paper development.

      [Mass media]: * Environmental conservation campaigns.


    Members shall be nature conservation groups, NPOs, corporations and governments who agree with the ideas of the Mount Fuji Charter. Individual advocates shall be patron members.

Providing information to members

    1. The Internet: Used to introduce members' activities and to promote mutual communication.
    2. PR magazine(Japanese): A magazine issued to deepen network cooperation including activity reports and messages from the main office to members. Will be mailed to patron members after receiving reply envelopes from them.


    logoMembers can use the logo as a symbol of building mutual awareness and activity but must receive the main office's authorization when using it in public.


    Fujisan Network
    Shizuoka Prefecture
    Office of Wildlife Conservation, Environmental Protection Division
    9-6 Ote-machi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka City 420-8601 Japan

      Phone: +81-(0)54-221-2963
      Fax: +81-(0)54-221-3278