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    -Ten promises for Mt.Fuji.nature conservation.
    The beautiful Mt.Fuji. will be forever with you.-

1.We will leave the beautiful Mt.Fuji. to our next generations.

    Mt.Fuji. is the highest and most beautiful mountain in Japan as the natural scenic symbol of our country. We will keep its beauty forever and succeed it to our next generations.

2. We won't leave our rubbish; we will take it home with us.

    Even a little rubbish can detract from the beautiful Mt.Fuji. and cleaning it up is a dangerous task due to hard conditions in the poor atmosphere. We will take our rubbish home.

3. We won't bring things with us that we might later want to throw away.

    Climbing to the top is not easy even though it looks so close. We should bring as few belongings as possible to facilitate the climb.

4. We will stick to the climbing routes.

    We won't stray from the climbing routes; it causes falling rocks and damages the environment.

5. We won't write any graffiti.

    Any graffiti will ruin the beauty of the mountain

6. No vehicles except on the roadways.

    Off-road vehicles and motorcycles damage plants and frighten animals. We will keep to the designated roadways.

7. We won't destroy the special geographical features of lava trees etc.

    The lava trees etc. are ancient traces teaching us the history of Mt.Fuji. We learn a lot from them and so should treat them well.

8. We won't keep the engines running on cars when not driving.

    Exhaust fumes pollute the fresh air of Mt.Fuji. We should switch off engines whenever possible.

9. We won't take away any animals and plants.

    There are various natural animals and plants. All of them are our friends of Mt.Fuji. We should take good care of them.

10. We will keep the lavatory and the public facilities clean.

    Please leave public facilities in the state you would like to find them.


    The Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park Mt.Fuji. environmental conservation countermeasures council.
    (Bureau... Hakone Nature Conservation Office, Ministry of the Environment)

    164 Motohakone Kyu Fudaba,Hakone-machi,Asigarasimo-gun, Kanagawa 250-0522 Japan

      Phone: 0460-84-8727
      Fax: 0460-84-9349