Mt. Fuji: Japan's Heartland

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Mt. Fuji: Japan's heartland

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    People have turned to the sacred mountain Mt. Fuji for faith and inspiration since ancient times. The now irreplaceable "Mt. Fuji Culture" was born as the mountain's beautiful scenery was depicted in mediums such as poetry, literature, and paintings.fujisan
    In addition, its abundant natural environment continues to provide various benefits to humans such as the fresh water that is essential for life and industry.
    Recently, due to the changes in economic and social conditions, the relationship between Mt. Fuji and people has also changed. In many ways, our current comfortable lifestyle is based on taking advantage of nature, and Mt. Fuji is no exception.
    From the viewpoint of ecological conservation, none of the various elements that make up Mt. Fuji's natural world are replaceable.
fujisan So what can we do to protect Mt. Fuji, the object of our pride? How can we assure that its natural blessings endure? What should we do?
Each of us must become more informed about Mt. Fuji, feel closer to it, and be thankful for its blessings. Then we must consider what each of us can do from our own individual standpoints and take action.

    {Source: The Nature and Blessings of Mt. Fuji (Shizuoka Prefecture)}