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Mt. Fuji Pins

    Along with collecting donations, the Fujisan Network distributes pins to increase awareness of the "Mt. Fuji Comprehensive Environmental Conservation Guidelines" and "Mt. Fuji Charter" standards and help them take root as well as to raise awareness regarding environmental conservation at Mt. Fuji.


    • Diameter: 26 mm

Flower Series (5 types)

      Flower Series (5 types)
    • Diameter: 66 mm (set of 5)
      Single piece: side 33 mm, arc 41 mm

Donate to Mt. Fuji Environmental Conservation

    We are taking donations to help finance the Fujisan Network's conservation activities. Each contributor will receive one of our Mt. Fuji pins. We look forward to hearing from you!


    For each 300 yen

    You can choose 1 of your favorite pins (Donations of 1,000 yen will receive one set of 5 flower series pins)


    Visiting the office: Contributions will be taken and pins given at our Nature Conservation Office

    Via mail: Please provide the following four items by phone or mail and we will send you a payment form. Once your contribution has been confirmed, we will send your pins. (We will pay for transfer and mailing fees)

    1) Name 2) Address 3) Phone number 4) Desired types and number of pins


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