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    Mount Fuji, with all its dignity and grandeur, has been admired by many since ancient times, and is regarded as the spiritual home of Japan.

    Because of the diversity and richness of its natural environment, including its virgin forests, Mount Fuji also has considerable scientific significance.

    Mount Fuji is indeed a blessing to us, with its magnificent landscape and abundance of subterranean water. These natural gifts make the local region a very special one and have enabled the development of a distinctive and rich culture.

    However, overuse of these natural resources and the various socio-economic activities carried out in the region have had an adverse effect on Mount Fuji's natural environment. Should its environment be damaged further, it will be extremely difficult to restore.

    In areas such as be it the environment, landscape, history, and culture, Mount Fuji reflects modern Japanese society. Therefore, it is of the utmost importance that Mount Fuji's visitors exist in harmony with its environment.

    We must make every effort to ensure the sustainability of Mount Fuji's environment, not just for ourselves, but also for future generations.

    With this charter, we, and all those who love and respect Mount Fuji, vow to protect it, to treat it with appropriate care and to pass it on to future generations. It will remain one of Japan’s greatest assets, a universally recognized symbol of our country of which we can all be proud.

    The Governors of Shizuoka and Yamanashi Prefectures agree to the following aims to preserve the natural environment of Mount Fuji:

      • Learn about and be familiar with the nature of Mt.Fuji and be thankful for its abundant gifts.
      • Cherish and protect its beautiful nature, thus cultivating an enriched culture.
      • Strive to reduce the burdens on the natural environment and live in harmony with Mt. Fuji.
      • Each individual should actively work towards preservation of its environment.
      • Pass on the nature,scenery,history and culture of Mt.Fuji to future generations.
18 November, 1998
Shizuoka Prefecture : Yamanashi Prefecture