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Gotemba-guchi Climbing Route and nearby area

    Gotemba-guchi Climbing Route and nearby areaIt takes approximately 45 minutes by bus from JR Gotemba Station to reach Gotemba-guchi Shingogoume, the starting point of this climbing route. This area became a vast volcanic desert caused by a great eruption in 1707 and also connects with the Sunabashiri Descent Route. You can look at Futatsuzuka on the left and Mt.Hoei up ahead. After walking for a while, the mountains of Tanzawa, Hakone, Izu and Mt.Ashitaka spread out before your eyes.

    The area from Nanagoume to Shingogoume on the Gotembaguchi Descent Route features thick volcanic ash called "O-sunabashiri" and was created by the immense amount of ash, sand and gravel accumulated from the 1707 Hoei eruption. You sink down to your ankles with each step. You can also enjoy not only a full view of Gotemba City but also the magnificent panorama of Hakonerenzan, Suruga Bay and the Hoei Crater.

Visible living creatures

      Ontade (Polygonum weyrichii), Itadori (Japanese knotweed), Fujiazami (Cirsium purpuratum), Nokongiku (Wild chrysanthemum), etc.

      MebosomusikuiBinzui (Olive-backed Pipit), Koruri (Siberian Blue Robin), Kibitaki (Narcissus Flycatcher), Gojuukara (Eurasian Nuthatch), etc.

    {Source: The Nature and Blessings of Mt. Fuji (Shizuoka Prefecture)}